Ramsey Magnet School of Science

Big School — Bigger Heart!

Big School — Bigger Heart!

Uniform Information

  • Ramsey is proud to be one of two schools in the district to institute a uniform policy. This process could not have been completed without the help of staff, parents and administration.

    Ramsey Uniform Policy 2016-17  l  Logo l Where to Buy

Stand Up, Speak Up

  • We are committed to eliminating bullying in our schools. When you see someone being bullied, don't stand by —choose action! READ MORE about this initiative.

    Report a Bully!


  • jump rope for heart  

    It's that time of year! Jump Rope for Heart packets due January 23rd!

    Dash  Dynamic After School Hours

     DASH begins on February 13, 2017.

    We are still in need of both instructors and volunteers for our DASH program.   If you have a special interest or talent that you would like to share, or know of anyone else that may be interested in teaching, please contact Elise Dunkin at dashramseypto@gmail.com.   Classes this year will be on Mondays and Wednesdays, beginning February 13th.  You can teach or volunteer for one or both days.  

    Creative Learning Systems

    We need you!! A kickoff meeting to plan a special fundraising event for this fall will be held at the Hayden Capone's this coming Wednesday night (Jan 11) at 6:30.

     What's the big idea?

    Building a special collaborative science lab! Check it for out for yourself at http://www.creativelearningsystems.com/smartlab.aspx Wow!! This is such an exciting opportunity to take our science magnet school a giant leap forward by providing a specially-built lab and curriculum to teach collaborative science and technology skills.  

    Big ideas can have a big price tag

    With your help, the Ramsey PTO wants to hold a fundraising gala this fall to help make the idea a reality. This is a completely new adventure for us. We need the ideas, special skills, and enthusiasm that we know you have to help make the vision a reality.  

    Join us at Capone's next Wednesday for our first meeting! RSVP to  PTO.Ramsey@gmail.com.


    Check us out! Like us on facebook

    Meeting on January 5th!

    Get to Know Us!

    Ramsey Magnet School of Science is a National Title One School.

    • 27 highly qualified teachers in grades K-5.
    • Specialists in Art, Music, PE, Special Education, Speech/Language Title One, and Advanced Learning
    • Full-time principal and vice-principal
    • Full-time guidance counselor
    • Part time school psychologist
    • Full-time media specialist
    • Highly qualified Title One assistants, math and reading remediation teachers and special education para-professionals

    At Ramsey, we have:

    • A fully-equipped science lab
    • 3:1 student to device ratio
    • First Lego League
    • Science Day
    • Science Fair-both classroom and individual
    • Radical Rick Assembly and After School Science Camp
    • Club THINK! for intermediate grades
    • DASH-Dynamic After School Hour
    • Partnership with The Pacific Science Center
    • Science-related field trips
    • Jr. Science Cafe
    • Extended grade level science kits
    • Star lab


    Big School... Bigger Heart!


Student Links

What's New:

  • hoop shoot  The ELKS NATIONAL HOOP SHOOT is about ready to start! Make sure you have all of the information you need to participate!



    SQORD A new SQORD Program is launching for our 5th graders!

    Here is a Short SQORD Video that introduces this excellent program.

      Fred Meyer

    Fred Meyer teams with Ramsey!!

    Fred Meyer


    A big thank you to Fred Meyer for the $500 donation to Ramsey Magnet School of Science.



Ramsey Review:

  • Dear Ramsey Families,


    Happy Friday and welcome back! We hope your family has had a smooth week with routines back in order.  Thank you for your patience in the parking lots this week before and after school.  We recognize the snow situation is not ideal and wish there was more we could do.  Our district’s maintenance department is working extremely hard to find a remedy for removing snow from the parking lots before the next storm hits.  


    We would like to communicate some important information from our PTO meeting last night:


    • Please consider helping with our Dynamic After School Hour Program beginning on February 13th  In order to make this possible for kids, it takes parents volunteering their time to help.  If you are interested in teaching a class, please contact Elise Dunkin at dashramseypto@gmail.com.

    • Our PTO will be hosting a planning meeting from a Ramsey Gala at the HAYDEN Capone’s next Wednesday, January 11th at 6:30.  The PTO has a goal to create a large fundraiser to benefit the creation of a hands-on science lab.  For more information, click HERE.   

    • Are you interested in helping shop for sale items to stock our Santa Shop for next year?  Please contact the Ramsey PTO at pto.ramsey@gmail.com

    • To keep up to date with more information about our school, we invite you to join the Ramsey PTO facebook group HERE  Once you get to the website, click join group.


    Part of Ramsey’s great image comes from student uniforms.  Please remember that uniform shirts should consist of a plain, solid-colored, long or short sleeved shirt or sweatshirt (any color) with the Ramsey logo on the left upper corner. If students desire to wear an outer garment (sweater, vest, or sweatshirt) in the building, it must have a visible logo. Most students follow these guidelines well. During these cold months, please remind your child about our dress code rules so they hear a consistent message from home and school.


    On an unrelated note, our lost and found is overflowing with clothes.  If you are missing an article of clothing for your child, please swing by Ramsey to check out the lost and found.  We will be donating all remaining items next Friday, January 13.  


    As a reminder to our 1st and 2nd grade families, please join us on Thursday, January 19th from 5:30-7:00 pm for Family Night!  First and second graders will all go to the cafeteria to participate in fun, engaging learning activities while parents rotate through teacher classrooms to get great ideas for home.  It will be a great night!

    Often times, winter months usher in a decrease in physical activity and weight gain. There are ways to keep your family active during the cold months of the year. Join your kids in an afternoon of sledding or making a snowman instead of watching from the window. Bundle up and take family walks around the neighborhood. Snowshoeing or cross country skiing is great exercise and gives you the opportunity to appreciate nature blanketed in snow. For days when conditions prevent playing outdoors, try turning up the stereo and showing off your dance moves! For more information on how to add physical activity to your life, go to the Nutrition Services department page at www.cdaschools.org.


    Please stay warm this weekend,


    Crystal Kubista, Principal

    Aaron Drake, Assistant Principal

    Theresa Symbal, Registrar
    Ramsey Magnet School of Science
    W 1351 Kathleen Avenue
    Coeur d'Alene, ID  83815